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Hiddles News: Actor Tom Hiddleston is set to play the same role three times - in three separate films under two directors.

Hiddleston has been tapped to play a young Hal in both parts of Richard Eyre’s adaptation for BBC TV of Henry IV. Then he’s slated to tackle the same role, this time as King Henry V in Thea Sharrock’s BBC film.

“I play him as Hal in the Henry IV films, when he’s a rebellious drunkard -…

Thor Deleted Scenes


Scene 1 (720p)
Thor and Loki share a brotherly moment.

Scene 2 (1080p)
Introduction of Sif and The Warriors Three.

Scene 3 (1080p)
Frigga reassures Thor.

Scene 4 (720p)
Thor convinces Loki, Sif, and The Warriors Three to go to Jotunheim.

Scene 5 (1080p)
Extended hospital scene.

Scene 6 (1080p)
Odin and Frigga argue over Thor’s banishment.

Scene 7
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see OR download this scene before it got taken down. If anyone has a link to download it, I’d be grateful! (But I’m going to assume Tom wasn’t in it, otherwise I would have seen gifs of it everywhere, haha.)

Scene 8 (1080p)
Extended Thor and Erik drinking scene.

Scene 9 (720p)
Sif and The Warriors Three go to Midgard to find Thor.

Scene 10 (1080p)
Evacuating the town.

Scene 11 (1080p)
Thor uses a healing stone on Erik.

thank you sl-misfit! Unluckily Scene 7 must have been the scene, when Loki ascends the throne of Asgard. Which means (for all I know) Frigga telling him, that he is king now and he is given the Spear of Odin, symbol of the King.

Cymbeline on DVD


Okay, now that I have the fellow Hiddlestoners’ attention, a reply I received on youtube merits attention:

“Cheek by Jowl does have a recording in their archives, but since there isn’t a large enough demand of sales to warrant redistribution they won’t. But what that means to me, is that if enough hiddles fans expressed a desire to purchase a copy of Cymbeline, Cheek by Jowl might be persuaded to go ahead and make a few copies.”

So fellow Hiddles lovers, I call you to arms!

Polite letters to Cheek by Jowl requesting the ability to purchase this performance are merited in the many! go forth and exercise your letter/email writing skills!

Cheek by Jowl
The Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London EC2Y 8DS

International Media Enquiries
Cheek By Jowl +44 (0)20 7382 7281

'Game of Thrones' Veteran Brian Kirk to Helm Marvel's 'Thor' Sequel

August 4, 2011
Source: Variety
by Alex Billington

Kirk! If you can hear me, open the Bridge! Variety is reporting that Marvel has found a director for Thor 2, to follow-up Joss Whedon’s The Avengers and Shane Black’s Iron Man 3. His name is Brian Kirk, an Irish director mostly of lots of TV work, including 3 episodes of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and various episodes of “Boardwalk Empire”, “Luther”, “Dexter”, “Father & Son” and the UK TV movie My Boy Jack. Kirk “rose to the top of the list of directors vying for the job after he showed his abilities to juggle large ensembles” and complex storylines while “also grounding the fantasy genre” in Thrones. Sounds like he’ll be a good choice.

For those wondering, Kenneth Branagh was given the option to return for the sequel, but decided not to, as we’ve heard him mention before (see my interview). Brian Kirk is currently “in early negotiations”, as the superhero sequel isn’t even set for release until July 26th, 2013, nearly 24 months away. Obviously Chris Hemsworth will be back as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, but we have yet to see if they’ll bring back the storyline with Jane Foster. I’m honestly impressed with the fresh talent that Marvel is lining up for their next wave of sequels after Avengers, including Shane Black. I thought Branagh did a great job with Thor, but I’m also looking forward to seeing what Brian Kirk can do and where he’ll take us after the big team up.



Tom Hiddleston Master Post  v1

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newly added above: Dracula Radio play, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

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